Wyoming Peace Officers Museum

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We believe by partnering with the Territorial Prison Historic Site in the creation of a new exhibit from our current collection, our mission of promoting the State of Wyoming’s long Law Enforcement history will be fulfilled and expanded upon.  The Territorial Prison Historic Site has an incredible rich history and is dedicated to the preservation of our state’s history through research, conservation and education.


The museum is in need of uniforms (older the better), more day to day equipment older and newer (i.e. handcuff cases, portable radios, duty belts, old body armor, saps, flashlights, old vehicle lights, radios, etc)  OLD law enforcement photographs are much-needed showing officers in uniforms, with cars


Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site 



Deborah Cease



WPOA Contact:

Sheriff John Grossnickle, Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office


(307) 922-5298