Life Print DNA Program

The Wyoming Peace Officers Association is a sponsor for the Lifeprint DNA Program. The Lifeprint DNA kit is the first true kit to collect and maintain a sample of an individual’s DNA. This kit uses a non-invasive method to obtain and preserve DNA. DNA has proven to be extremely important for medical applications and for positive identification. Uses and applications grow daily. We are providing an opportunity for Wyoming families with children under the age of 18 to receive a free Lifeprint DNA.

Having a permanent DNA identification record can help law enforcement agencies make a positive identification in cases of lost, abducted and missing children.   Fingerprints can change as an individual ages. It is also important to know that in most cases children are rarely fingerprinted. In some instances, fingerprints may be impossible to obtain for comparison. DNA can provide a lifetime identification record.

The Lifeprint DNA Program provides a permanent identification record of each child. It is simple, painless and non-invasive procedure. The information is also 100% confidential. Each Lifeprint DNA Kit will be immediately turned over the parents so it can be tucked securely away for use if needed. This program will give parents peace of mind and can provide crucial evidence to law enforcement agencies in case of lost, abducted or missing children.

To receive a free Lifeprint DNA kit or for more information contact a WPOA Board Member or

Chad Rupe

Secretary, Ashlar Lodge #10

Douglas, WY

Wyoming Masons Lifeprint DNA Coordinator

Phone: 307-358-0688