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Annual dues are $10.00. Life time members are not assessed annual dues. Some agencies pay the dues for members.

By maintaining your annual membership, you help sustain the state’s largest professional law enforcement association. WPOA was founded in 1923 and continues today as an umbrella association representing all facets of the law enforcement profession. Members are eligible for the following:


$500 Death Benefit

Subscription to the Wyoming Peace Officer Magazine:

Scholarships: Up to Four- $1,000 college scholarships awarded each year to qualified dependents of WPOA members.
Insurance: Works with California Casaulty

Annual Training Conference: Includes WPOA business meetings, training, social entertainment, and police supply vendors displaying modern law enforcement equipment. Committees of the WPOA are engaged in projects that will improve law enforcement and its delivery of services to the public on an ongoing basis, year after year

Legislation: Maintains a professional legislative liaison at Cheyenne during legislative sessions. Maintains an active role in all legislation affecting law enforcement.
Assisted in passage of mandatory law enforcement training legislation.
Supported establishment of the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.
Continually works to improve Wyoming Law Enforcement Officer retirement programs.

Peace Officer Memorial: The association was instrumental in establishing and continues to support the Memorial to Peace Officers killed in the line of duty. The memorial is located as the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.

Awards: The association presents awards for Peace Officer of the Year, Detention Officer of the Year, Dispatcher of the Year, Valor, Meritorious Service, Contributor to Law Enforcement.


Membership Categories

Active Members
The following shall be eligible for membership in the Association: Sheriffs, Undersheriff, Deputy Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, Members for the Police Force, all commissioned members of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, all special agents of the Division of Criminal Investigation, all members of the State county or City Law enforcement radio communication system, parole and probation officers, commissioned members of the State Game and Fish Department, Railroad Special Agents, Staff Members of the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, Wyoming Attorney General, Correctional Officer of the State Penal System, County Coroner and Animal Control Officers, and any officer or employee of the State, County , City or the United States Government whose duties in whole or part shall consist of law enforcement shall be eligible for membership. Any person who shall retire from any of the above described positions shall be eligible for continued membership n the Association. Federal, District, county and city prosecuting attorneys, District Judges, County Judge, municipal judge, justice of the peace, deputies and assistance of the aforementioned are eligible to join the association as associate member. Any person holding any of the above described offices or positions similar in adjoining states shall have the right to join the right to join the Association as an associate member. 

Associate Member:
Any person specifically mentioned in Article 3 as an Associate Member and any person holding any of the offices or positions described in Article 3 adjoining states
Any person with sustaining interest in promoting better cooperation and coordination in law enforcement, providing that this person must be sponsored by a member and approved by majority vote of the Executive Board. 

Retired Member:
Any member who has retired and receiving a pension (retirement annuity) or any member who has served not less than sixteen (16) years in law enforcement as described in Article 3. 

Life Time Member:
Any person who has served 20 continuous years in the Association shall be awarded a life-time membership card, pin and certificate. Any member who is in the arrears, of not over one (1) year shall be allowed to pay that year’s dues and the current year’s dues, without loss of membership. 

Honorary Member:
The Executive Board may issue honorary membership status to any person who the Board considers to be a positive contributor to the goals of the Association.

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