(As Amended: September, 2008)




The Wyoming Peace Officers Association was formed and duly constituted an Association on January 1923.



The name of the Association shall continue to be “Wyoming Peace Officers Association”.



The following shall be eligible for membership in the Association: Sheriffs, Undersheriff, Deputy Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, Members for the Police Force, all commissioned members of the Wyoming Highway Patrol, all special agents of the Division of Criminal Investigation, all members of the State county or City Law enforcement radio communication system, parole and probation officers, commissioned members of the State Game and Fish Department, Railroad Special Agents, Staff Members of the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy, Wyoming Attorney General, Correctional Officer of the State Penal System, County Coroner and Animal Control Officers, and any officer or employee of the State, County , City or the United States Government whose duties in whole or part shall consist of law enforcement shall be eligible for membership. Any person who shall retire from any of the above described positions shall be eligible for continued membership n the Association. Federal, District, county and city prosecuting attorneys, District Judges, County Judge, municipal judge, justice of the peace, deputies and assistance of the aforementioned are eligible to join the association as associate member. Any person holding any of the above described offices or positions similar in adjoining states shall have the right to join the right to join the Association as an associate member.



The purpose for which this Association is organized is to secure closer official and personal relationships among all persons whose occupation, wholly or in part, is law enforcement in Wyoming and surrounding States; to promote better cooperation and coordination in all enforcement problems and thereby guaranteeing more uniform and better law enforcement to the people of Wyoming.



The Association shall have the power to enact and adopt By-Laws for the proper administration of its affairs not inconsistent herewith.



To properly carry out its objects and purposes, the Association shall have power to create officers and elect officers (the number of officers, their duties and titles to be provided in the By-Laws).



The Association shall have power to levy and collect assessments and to charge membership dues. The amounts and methods of providing and collecting same to be provided in the By-Laws.



The Association shall have power to designate in its By-Laws the agency for conducting its business affairs and to delegate to said agency such powers as the Association shall deem correct and proper.



The Association, through the Executive Board, shall have the power to remove any member for malfeasance in office or for conduct unbecoming a member of the Association, as provided by Article 1, Section 5 of the By-Laws.



The Association shall have the power to amend this Constitution and By-Laws, or any part thereof, at any regular or special meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the members present; due notice in writing of the proposed amendments shall be given to all members in good standing by the Secretary.



Section 1 – Associate Member:

Any person specifically mentioned in Article 3 as an Associate Member and any person holding any of the offices or positions described in Article 3 adjoining states

Any person with sustaining interest in promoting better cooperation and coordination in law enforcement, providing that this person must be sponsored by a member and approved by majority vote of the Executive Board.



Section 2 – Retired Member:

Any member who has retired and receiving a pension (retirement annuity) or any member who has served not less than sixteen (16) years in law enforcement as described in Article 3.


Section 3- Life Time Member:

Any person who has served 20 continuous years in the Association shall be awarded a life-time membership card, pin and certificate. Any member who is in the arrears, of not over one (1) year shall be allowed to pay that year’s dues and the current year’s dues, without loss of membership.


Section 4 – Honorary Member:

The Executive Board may issue honorary membership status to any person who the Board considers to be a positive contributor to the goals of the Association.



Upon the dissolution of the Association, for whatever reason, all property, monies and assets remaining after all lawful debts have been paid, shall be given to the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy.



The previous constitution for this Association and all amendments thereto are hereby repealed.




(As Amended: September 2008)




Section 1 – An officer of the Wyoming Peace Officers Association shall be a member of the Association not less then five (5) years and a full-time Wyoming Peace Officer who is a duly authorized member of an agency charged with the enforcement of criminal statutes or ordinances, provided that the position of Executive Officer may be held by a retired member and the position of Secretary – Treasurer may be held by any member or retired member in good standing. The Officers of the Wyoming Peace Officer’s Association shall be as follows:


  1. President – who hall hold office for one year but shall be ineligible to succeed himself/herself except in cases where the President has been appointed by the Board to fill the unexpired term of the duly-elected President.
  2. First Vice – President – who shall hold office for one year.
  3. Second Vice-President – who shall hold office for one year.
  4. Third Vice – President – who shall hold office for one year.
  5. Fourth Vice – President – who shall hold office for one year.
  6. Secretary – Treasurer – who shall be elected for a two-year term and may succeed himself/herself indefinitely.
  7. Executive Officer – who shall hold office for one year an who shall be the immediate past President.


  1. No member shall be eligible to hold the office of the President in this Association while such a member is serving as an officer in any other Peace Officer Association or Peace Officer Organization which operates wholly within the Sate of Wyoming.


  1. The Executive Board shall consist of the Executive Officer, the Secretary-Treasure and one member each from the Game and Fish Department, Wyoming Highway Patrol, a Sheriff’s Department, a Police Department and one other. Other shall be defined as those agencies not listed in this paragraph but eligible to hold office as defined in Article 1, Section 1 of the By-Laws.


Section 2 – The officers of the Association names in Section 1 hereof shall constitute the Executive Board and four members shall constitute a quorum.


Section 3 – The Executive Board shall carry and conduct the general business and affairs of the Association.


Section 4 – In case of complaints by or against members of the Association, the President shall convene an Investigating Committee, consisting of 5 members, chaired by the Executive Officer. The Investigating Committee shall report its findings to a hearing board, consisting of the President, First Vice – President, Second Vice – President, Third Vice – President and Fourth Vice – President and act accordingly under the provisions of Article 9 of the Constitution.


Section 5 – If an Investigating Committee is convened, the Executive Board shall notify the member of the charges brought against him / her in writing. The member shall have the opportunity to respond and to request a hearing.


Section 6 – The Executive Board shall have the power to engage any person or persons, preferably from among the members of the Association, to attend meetings of the State Legislature of the State of Wyoming for the purpose of keeping the members of the Association informed of pending legislation affecting the Association or its members, and may compensate each person or persons for that purpose from the funds of the Association.


Section 7 – All necessary expense incurred by the members of the Executive Board or of any committee while in the active discharge of their official duties may be paid from the funds of the Association upon proper submission of receipts or vouchers. Executive Board expenses shall be authorized by and approved by the President. Expenses of committee members must be authorized by and approved by the committee chairman.



(Duties of Officers)

Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Board and at all meeting and conventions of the Association. He / She shall see that all previsions of the Constitution and By-Laws are strictly enforced; that all resolutions and orders adopted by the Association at its meetings are properly executed; have general supervisory control of affairs of the Association; and shall report progress at the annual meeting.


Section 2. The First Vice – President shall perform all the duties and enjoy all the powers of the President in case of his / her death, absence, inability to act, or ineligibility to serve.


Section 3. The Second Vice – President shall perform all the duties and enjoy all the powers of the President in case of the death, absent and inability to act, of both President and First Vice – President.


Section 4. The third Vice – President shall perform all the duties and enjoy all the powers of the President in case of his/her death, absence and inability of the First or Second Vice – President to act.


Section 5. The Fourth Vice – President shall perform all the duties and enjoy all the powers of the President in cause of his / her death, absence or inability to act and in the causes of death, absence and inability of the First, Second, or Third Vice – Presidents to act.


Section 6. Secretary – Treasurer shall be one and the same person. It shall be the duty of the Secretary – Treasure to issue all Notices, Bulletins, collect and keep all records of membership, conduct the correspondence of the Association, have charge of all papers belonging to the Association, preserve all books, documents, records, and communications and keep minutes of all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board.


The Secretary – Treasurer shall keep a record of the name, address and date of initiation of each member and perform such other duties as may be imposed on him/her by the President or Executive Board.


He/She shall receive and take charge of all monies of the Association, and pay all bills which are drawn on the Association. Provided, however, that all funds of the Association be maintained in a bank account subject to withdrawal only upon the signature of the Secretary – Treasurer, the co – signatures of any two members of the Executive Board.

He/She shall make such investments of the funds as the Association may direct; keep all the accounts in such manner as will exhibit at all times the source and amount of all monies received and shall keep an itemized record of all disbursements, showing the amounts, to whom paid and for what purpose the disbursement was made.


He / She shall prepare and accurate account of all financial transactions and present same, to a three member auditing committee appointed by the President. Such report shall then be presented by the Secretary – Treasure, to the membership for approval, at each annual meeting of the Association. Before entering upon his duties, he shall execute a good and sufficient bond in the amount to be determined by the Executive Board. The premium of such bond is to be paid from the funds of the Association.


The Secretary – Treasure, upon leaving office shall deliver, within 10 working days to the Executive Board for immediate audit all books of accounts, monies, property records and correspondence belonging to the Association which are in his / her possession. In case of death of the Secretary – Treasure all goods and property of the Association shall be automatically revert to the custody of the Executive Board.


The Secretary – Treasurer shall be authorized to pay, without approval, all necessary expenses in one calendar year for postage stamps, stationery, books, memberships cards and other supplies required by his/her office as well as stenographic assistance. All such expenditures shall be itemized and included in an annual report at the regular meeting of the Association.





Section 1. Any person of good reputation, and having met the requirements of Article 3 and / or Article 11 of the Constitution, can, upon making application in writing, to the Secretary – Treasurer, including the membership fee and annual dues, become a member of this Association.


Section 2. The annual dues shall be $10.00 (ten) per year and shall be paid in advance. Life – Time members shall not be assessed annual dues. There shall be no additional fees collected unless approved by a majority of the members at an annual meeting. There will be a registration fee charged for the annual convention, said fee is to be established by the host city with the approval of the Executive Board.


Section 3. All members to vote, hold office or collect death benefits are required to have their dues paid in advance.



(Compensation and Expense)

The expense of any member of the Association incurred on account of any duty performed for by the Association, at the direction of the Executive Board or Investigating Committee, may be paid from the funds of the Association upon proper voucher which has been approved by the Executive Board.




The Executive Board shall direct the Secretary – Treasure to effect the publications of such reports, pamphlets, papers or bulletins as the Board shall deem advisable from time to time.




Section 1. These By-Laws or any part thereof may be amended or temporarily suspended by two – thirds vote of the members present at any meeting.


Section 2. All amendments intended to become permanent must be presented in writing with the name of the proponent signed thereto.



(General Provisions)


Section 1. The business of all meeting shall be conducted according to Roberts’Rules of Order.


Section 2. A special meeting shall be called by the President at such time and place as he/she may deem proper, and such meeting shall be called upon the request of either the Executive Board or Investigating Committee, or upon written applications signed by not less then ten (10) members of the Association who are in good standing.


Section 3. The several officers of the Association shall be elected at the annual meeting, and they shall hold there respective offices until their successors are elected and qualified.


Section 4. Vacancies on the Executive Board.

  1. The Executive Board shall have the power to appoint and fill an vacancy of an elective office resulting from death, resignation, or the ineligibility to serve. Any such appointment will remain in effect until the next election of officers.
  2. In filling the vacancy of the officer of President or one of the Vice – Presidents, the Executive Board shall first initiate the appropriate succession of chairs among the officers who have been duly elected, and appoint a new Fourth Vice – President.


Section 5. In case of a vacancy occurring in any committee, the President shall appoint a member to fill said vacancy until the next annual meeting of the Association, when the vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the provisions contained herein.


Section 6. The President may appoint, from time to time, such committees as may be required. The selection of the number, chairperson and persons assigned, shall be at the discretion of the President.

  1. The standing Committees of the Association are as follows:
  2. Constitution and By – Laws
  3. Legislative
  4. Audit
  5. Resolutions
  6. Education and Training
  7. Scholarship
  8. Peace Officer of the Year
  9. Nominating
  10. Humanitarian
  11. Media
  12. Membership
  13. Historical / WyomingPeace OfficerMuseum
  14. Stores
  15. The President my appoint additional committees as may be required.


Section 7. The Executive Board may, if they deem necessary, appoint a legal advisor for the Association.


Section 8. The Executive Board shall have power to remove any member from the Association who has become involved in misconduct which could result in the decertification as defined by Chapter 7, Section 1 (Grounds for Denial, Suspension or Revocation of Certification) in POST Rules and Regulations. Provided, however, that the said member shall have the right to demand a hearing before the Association at a regular meeting.



(Order of Business)

The following order of business shall govern at the regular meetings of this Association:


1 – Roll Call

2 –     Reading Minutes of Previous Meetings

3 – Report of Secretary – Treasure

3 A – Report of the Auditing Committee

4 – Report of Standing Committee (s)

5 – Report of Special Committee (s)

6 – Unfinished Business

7 – New Business

8 – Election of Officers

9 – Appointment of Committees

10 – Welfare of the Association

11 – Reading of Resolutions

12 – Adjournment





(Members Burial Assistance)

Upon the death of any member in good standing, the Secretary – Treasurer shall pay immediately to the member’s designated beneficiary, or his /her estate, $500.00 (five hundred dollars) upon proof of death.




All previous By- Laws of this Association and all amendments thereto are hereby repealed and all funds and assets of the Association shall be transferred to the General Fund of the Association upon adoption of these By- Laws